Swimsafe Testimonials

Swimsafe Testimonials

“My son loves Cheryl the instructor he has learned so much in a few short lessons. She relates really well with my son and he can’t wait for his next lesson.”

“My daughter has always been very afraid of water, since joining Swimsafe she has relaxed in the water and has started thoroughly enjoying her lessons”

“My Son and Daughter are quite competitive within the school swimming galas they do stroke correction, speed and endurance with Swimsafe Mobile and have had 1st and 2nd winnings in all of their races, we highly recommend Swimsafe”.

“My Baby is 15 months old we started doing a baby and me class with Swimsafe and my baby is now floating alone and really enjoying the water”.

“I have always been very afraid of water and never been able to enjoy a beach holiday never mind teaching my children to swim I have been with Swimsafe for a few week and really enjoying the fact that I have started to apply strokes to my lessons, as an adult man I highly recommend adult classes for those who cannot swim for the enjoyment and your own safety.”

“I have attended other swim schools over the past few years and always struggled to get my 4 year old to settle in the water since joining Swimsafe the Instructor Cheryl is so kind and patient that my little one is thriving and already kicking on her own assisted with a pool noodle after just 5 lessons”.